8 October 2015

Marking your Erhu for better intonation

8 October 2015,

Getting good intonation on the Erhu is always a struggle for Erhu players, especially for beginners.  Unlike fretted instruments like guitar or mandolin, the Erhu […]

2 October 2015

Comparing 2 models of Dizi

2 October 2015,

One of the frequently asked questions is what is the difference between a good Dizi and a very good Dizi. Well, the difference is […]

29 April 2015

15 Observations from SYF Chinese Orchestra 2015

29 April 2015,

(Disclaimer: The following views are subjective from a layman’s point of view and do not represent the views of MOE.) The SYF Chinese orchestra […]

25 March 2015

Assessing an Erhu from pictures

25 March 2015,

Recently I got an email from a customer saying that his old erhu is sounding grainy even after he rosins the bow. I asked […]

1 March 2015

Troubleshooting Erhu – Scratchy Open Strings

1 March 2015,

Once in a while I get customers who email me that their erhu has a funny sound. While we set up our erhus nicely […]