Huang Ting Xuan


Huang Tingxuan started learning the Guzheng at the age of 8. Over the course of learning the Guzheng, she had studied under Guzheng masters such as Luo Xun, Wang Wenhao, and XuHui. In 2019, she graduated from Zhuhai Arts Senior High School, and further pursued her music education at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, majoring in Guzheng.

During her studies in NAFA, she was exposed to a variety of useful knowledge and experiences such as percussion class, Guzheng ensemble playing, Chinese orchestra playing, introduction to conducting and more. She gained valuable skills and insights that laid the foundation for her music studies.

Her future goals include learning many more pieces of different styles and genres and to improve her performance skills as she strives to become a splendid Guzheng teacher.

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