October 20, 2015
Types of Dizi
Types of Dizi Today, there are numerous types of Chinese dizi available to musicians. For the amateur, this may prove confusing – what are the differences […]
October 9, 2015
Types of Sheng
Types of Shengs When people think of Chinese instruments, the first ones that comes to mind is usually the erhu, pipa, or dizi. The only instrument […]
October 8, 2015
Marking your Erhu for better intonation
Marking Your Erhu for Better Intonation Good intonation on the Erhu is always a struggle for Erhu players, especially beginners. Unlike fretted instruments such as the […]
October 2, 2015
Comparing 2 models of Dizi
Comparing 2 Models of Dizi One frequently asked question was what is the difference between a good Dizi and a very good Dizi. The difference is […]
April 29, 2015
15 Observations from SYF Chinese Orchestra 2015
15 Observations from SYF Chinese Orchestra 2015 (Disclaimer: The following views are from a layman’s point of view which is subjective and do not represent the […]
March 25, 2015
Assessing an Erhu from pictures
Assessing an Erhu from Pictures Recently, I received an email from a customer saying that his old erhu sounded grainy even after applying rosin on the […]
March 1, 2015
Troubleshooting Erhu – Scratchy Open Strings
Troubleshooting Erhu – Scratchy Open Strings Once in a while I get customers who email me that their erhu has a funny sound. While we set […]
December 27, 2014
Buying Guzheng Online
Buying Guzheng Online So, you’ve finally decided to buy a Guzheng for yourself. It will be quite straightforward if you are located in Singapore, where you […]
October 30, 2014
Erhu Buying Guide – Part 2 (Snakeskin)
Erhu Buying Guide – Snakeskin The snakeskin on the erhu is what many consider the most important part of an Erhu. It is like the soul […]
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