14 June 2014
14 June 2014,
You have an opening ceremony of an event coming up soon in Singapore.

You will be inviting a certain VIP and you need to get them to do something to signify the opening of the event.

Being VIPs they certainly do not have the time to come down and rehearse the opening ceremony sequence, so you will need to find something easy and at the same time, with impact for them to do.

You can of course get away with cutting ribbons.

But we have a opening ceremony idea for you to consider.

You can rent our Chinese Gong!

Here are 5 reasons to rent the Chinese Gong:

  1. It is big and attention can be focused on it!
  2. It can be customised with ribbons or anything to make it look festive!
  3. It creates a big bang to signify the opening!
  4. It does not need any rehearsal – just take the mallet and hit the centre!
  5. You just need to rent it and do not need to buy it!

Here’s how it sounds:

Its good enough for a minister.

Gong for opening

So click on the following link if you are interested to rent a Chinese Gong for opening ceremony.

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