Chinese Drum Performance

What is a EM Chinese Drum Performance?

4-5 dudes coming together to bang on Chinese traditional drums.

The exciting and invigorating rhythm and beats created by the drummers makes for an excellent act for:
1) your opening ceremony
2) to start off your event
3) to welcome your VIPs.

The drum performance not only is a feast for the ears, it also incorporates well choreographed moves to give your eyes a stunning treat as well, especially when paired with lightsticks in a dark room.

The performance usually lasts 5-10min.

Any longer your guests might be left with a thumping headache.

Option 1: EM Chinese Drum Group


Imagine the opening of your event started off by the thumping and invigorating beats of Chinese drums welcoming your VIP and guest of honour.

EM Chinese Drum Group is made up of 3-5 drummers using only traditional Chinese drums to cook up a storm.

Well trained with showmanship playing specially arranged pieces, your guests will be entertained and enthralled.

Good to know

  • Number of drummers: 3 to 5 (more can added)
  • Duration of Performance: 3min to 5min
  • Drums used: Jie Ling Drums or traditional Chinese drums
  • Note: Guest of honour participation can be requested

Option 1: EM Premium Drum Group


Tight rhythm, sharp movements, snazzy choreography - our premium drum group is the best drum group in Singapore.

Using the best techniques with the best equipment, you get a gorgeous performance that is a feast for the eyes and the ears.

If you are looking for a drum performance that stands out from the rest to impress everyone you have invited, this is it.

Good to know

  • - 7-9 drummers
  • - 4 - 10min performance
  • - Assorted Chinese Drums Used
  • - Fusion of Japanese, Western and Chinese drumming techniques and influences
  • - Intricate choreography
  • - Great visual effects with light sticks

Looking for a performance?

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