Khor Yee Sing


In 2014, Khor Yee Sing joined the Malaysia Southern Chinese Orchestra and studied with Low Wei Kuok and Khor Wei Jian. In 2017, she learned dizi from Yin Zhiyang, the Dizi Principal of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. She was admitted to the Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2020. She used to be a dizi lecturer and Chinese Orchestra Advisor for SJK(C) Kuo Kuang. She joined the Siong Leng Musical Association (SLMA) of Singapore in 2021 and is currently an apprentice Dongxiao artist.

Khor Yee Sing has participated in performances in Malaysia and Singapore. In 2016, she performed with the Malaysia Southern Chinese Orchestra on Wei Xianzhong's "Delivering Public Grain with Horse Carts" (扬鞭催马运粮忙) which won an enthusiastic response from the audience.

She has represented schools and orchestras to communicate with different schools many times, such as Seri Omega Private and International School, Foon Yew High School, Pay Fong Middle School. She also performed in many places such as Singapore Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Malaysia Southern University College, Kuala Lumpur New Era University College and others.

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