18 July 2014
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18 July 2014,
If you are thinking of learning that mystical and alluring Chinese musical instrument called the Chinese pipa, here’s 5 reasons why you should:

1. It is one of the most complicated traditional Chinese musical instruments

With 75 sets of techniques unique to the pipa, you will have a great sense of achievement once you master it.

2) It is very melodic and yet can play rhythmic patterns too

You can play be the lead or the accompanist in your ensemble.

3) It can produce a vast variety of sounds

Impress your friends by mimicking the sound of the winds, the sound of drums, and even battle voices!

4) Pipa is widely used as a solo instrument because of it’s unique sound tone

There is no instrument that sounds quite like it. Alternative rock bank Incubus even used it in one of their songs – Aqueous Transmission

5) A nicely crafted pipa can give you a beautiful sound as well as a beautiful look on stage

Nothing beats the pear shape look of the pipa on stage.  You will look super cool Рbe the centre of attraction.


If you are feeling inspired already, click here for more information on our pipa lessons.

(Stay tuned for 5 reasons why not to learn the pipa)

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