Zhao Ling Zhi


Ling Zhi has been learning Henan Zhui style story-singing from her elders since her youth. At age 19, as the Principal Yangqin player of the Henan Yingxie Arts Group, she clinched the “Peony Award” for Yangqin accompaniment. She then went on to take on the role of Yangqin instructor for Zhengzhou Art School and Zhuangzi Primary school in Henan Province the following year.

In 2007, she joined the Henan Museum Traditional Orchestra as a Bianzhong Bianqing (Chinese bronze bells) Performer, accompanying the orchestra in a music exchange with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She then began learning Guqin from Mr. Luo Su Li in the same year.

In 2012, she enrolled into the Central Conservatory of Music Arts Management Faculty and learnt Guqin under the tutelage of Guqin Performer and Educator Mr. Zhang Zi Cheng.

In 2017, she was among the students who accompanied Mr Zhang Zi Cheng in a performance tour, performing up to 20 shows with the Baoli Grand Theatre.

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