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The Zhongruan is commonly referred to as the Chinese guitar because of how it sounds and the way it is being played.

Compared to the guitar, the zhongruan has a richer and more full bodied tone.

It is played with a pick and uses techniques like strumming, tremolo, slides and pull offs.

Traditionally used as an accompaniment instrument in the orchestra, it is standing out on its own with an increased repertoire of solo pieces as well as the emergence of virtuoso performers.

Let us instructors guide you on how to play this wonderful instrument called Zhongruan!

6 Reasons To Learn Zhongruan


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6 reasons why you should learn from us


Learning a new music instrument can sometimes feel intimidating. Sometimes, unclear goals might even discourage us from continue learning the instrument too.  We acknowledge your concerns, and here are some things to look forward to while learning the Zhongruan.

  • Beginner LevelBeginning of a new adventure

    You'll dive into the foundational aspects. Starting with the Chinese numerical notation and basic plucking techniques like 弹挑 and 轮, the emphasis is on establishing a sturdy base. Expect to play short, simple pieces at a slower tempo to build precision and control, setting the groundwork for more complex techniques ahead.
  • Intermediate LevelTime to get expressive

    You will explore reading scores in different keys and adapt to key changes. Delve deeper into more intricate pieces that challenge your skills with varying tempos. Intermediate techniques such as 带轮, 打音, 带弦, and 滑音 will expand your repertoire, allowing you to add depth and versatility to your playing.
  • Advanced LevelBe the master of your instrument

    Complexity takes the forefront. Prepare to immerse yourself in elaborate, lengthy pieces that demand dexterity and finesse. These compositions will feature multiple key and tempo changes, requiring a heightened level of musical expression. Self-directed practice becomes crucial, necessitating dedicated efforts to attain higher levels of proficiency and interpretative depth.

Grading exams, solos, concerts? The world is your oyster

Eason Music provides ample opportunities for growth. Yearly grading exams, conducted by prestigious institutions like the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts or The TENG Company, serve as milestones to gauge your progress. Student recitals, hosted annually, create a supportive platform for showcasing your evolving talents and gaining performance experience.

The journey extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in community orchestras, where they can apply their newfound knowledge in practical settings and develop ensemble playing skills through collaborative efforts.

For the confident and ambitious, national competitions such as the Singapore Chinese Music Competition or overseas online competitions offer platforms to display your prowess on a larger stage. These events not only challenge your skills but also provide opportunities for recognition within the wider musical community.

Taking Zhongruan lessons with Eason Music transcends mere mastery of an instrument; it's a journey of personal growth and musical discovery. With structured guidance, abundant opportunities for performance and growth, and a supportive community, every step taken brings you closer to achieving musical excellence and the sheer joy of making captivating music.


In Eason Music we recognise that different people have different objectives when learning the Zhongruan.
Thus the choice is yours to choose to learn for leisure or for exams.


When you learn for leisure, you can have a stress free learning experience by choosing the types of songs that you want to learn. You pick up the basics of the instrument through learning your choice songs.


When you learn for exams, you have a choice of either following the examination syllabus of Teng-CI-NTU Chinese instrumental examination or NAFA Chinese instrumental examination. Instructors will formulate lesson plans based on either syllabus.

TENG NTU-CI Exam Syllabus

Beginner Zhongruan Lessons

This stage is for Grade 1-3 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 1 repertoire:
Er Ge Lian Zhou (儿歌联奏), Kuai Le De Luo Suo (快乐的啰嗦), Chang Chen Yao (长城谣), Meng Jiang Nv (孟姜女)

Grade 2 repertoire:
Mo Li Hua (茉莉花), Nan Er Dang Zi Qiang男(儿当自强), Xiao Bai Chuan (小白船), Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (月亮代表我的心)

Grade 3 repertoire:
Yao Lan Qu (摇篮曲), Cai Yun Zhui Yue (彩云追月), Jin She Kuang Wu (金蛇狂舞), Rasa Sayang

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Intermediate Zhongruan Lessons

This stage is for Grade 4-6 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 4 repertoire:
Xing Xing Suo (星星索), Sai Ma (赛马) , Song Bie (送别) , Xi Yang Yang (喜洋洋)

Grade 5 repertoire:
Shan Xing (山行), Long Deng (龙灯) , Jing Shang Hua (锦上花), Jie Ri (节日)

Grade 6 repertoire:
Shui Lian (睡莲) , Dong Ge (侗歌) , Tu Er Qi Jin Xing Qu (土耳其进行曲), Chun Tian (春天)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Advanced Zhongruan Lessons

This stage is for Grade 7-8 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 7 repertoire:
Xiao Mu Ming (小牧民) , Song Feng Han (松风寒) , Zhan Ge (赞歌), Cao Yuan Shu Huai (草原抒怀)

Grade 8 repertoire:
Ye Feng Fei Wu (野蜂飞舞), Huo Ba Jie Zhi Ye (火把节之夜), You Tai Shan (游泰山), Yun Nan Hui Yi (云南回忆 第二樂章), Yue Qin Zan (月琴赞)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*


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A student is only as good as her teacher. We only work with qualified and dedicated teachers

Zhongruan Lessons Information

You can opt to take Zhongruan lessons at our studios at CT Hub, or at the comfort of your home. Different rates apply.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1What does the Zhongruan sound like?
It sounds like a classical guitar with nylon strings, but with a fatter tone and more sustain.
2Is it easy to learn the Zhongruan?
The Zhongruan is easier to learn compared to other Chinese musical instruments like Erhu or Pipa. But as with all instruments, mastering the Zhongruan needs years of effort and practise.
3How do you play the Zhongruan?
The left hand frets the instrument like any other fretted instrument and the right hand picks the notes with an elliptical pick.
4What are Zhongruans made of?
The sound board and back of the Zhongruan is made of paulownia wood. The frame and neck and head can be made of different materials like basswood, rosewood, sandalwood etc., depending on the quality. The frets can be steel, bone or an alloy material, depending on the maker. Visit our online store here to see our selections of Zhongruans.
5What can you play using a Zhongruan?
You can play melodies or chords on the Zhongruan. It is mostly used to play traditional Chinese pieces but you can also play western classical pieces or even strum and sing on it like a ukulele.


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