Ng Bi Yu


Ng Bi Yu picked up Pipa at the age of 7 under the tutelage of Mdm Liu Yan at Nanyang Academics of Fine Arts, The School of Young Talents. She achieved her Diploma in 2009 from both Central Conservatory of Music and NUS Centre For the Arts.

She was previously the lead musician in Tanglin Guzheng Ensemble. The ensemble clinched Gold with Honours (2009) and Gold Award (2011) in the Singapore Youth Festival. As a member of the Pipa Society Singapore and People Association Youth Chinese Orchestra since 2006, she has gained numerous performance experiences. In 2019, She went on an oversea exchange programme in Taiwan with the Nanyang Technological University Chinese Orchestra (NTUCO). The orchestra joined Yilan National Youth Orchestra 14th island wide tour where she performed in numerous location around Taiwan.

Biyu has also actively participated in various orchestral performance, theatre productions and music recordings. Her recent music collaboration works include Chinatown Crossings (Dramabox) and 弹指一挥间 (Pipa Society).

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