8 August 2016

Lowering the pitch of your Erhu to Play Erquan Yingyue

8 August 2016,

If you have been listening to tunes played by the Erhu, you would most probably have heard the song Erquan YingYue by Abing. If […]

16 July 2016

Best-selling Erhu From Eason Music

16 July 2016,

We regularly get customers who walk in and ask us which of our erhus sell the best. While the answer may be unexpected to […]

11 July 2016

Registration for NUS CFA Chinese Instrumental Examination 2016

11 July 2016,

Registration for Chinese Instrumental Examination 2016 is now open! The CFA Chinese Instrumental Examination first started in December 2004. Led by Mr Lum Yan […]

5 July 2016

Avid user of Snapchat and Instagram?

5 July 2016,

Do you use Instagram and/or Snapchat all the time? If yes, do add us: Instagram: @easonmusicstore Snapchat: @easonmusic Many interesting, fun and even wacky […]

27 June 2016

Singaporean Dizi Maker Ng Teck Seng

27 June 2016,

Almost all the good Chinese bamboo flutes are made in China. However, Ng Teck Seng, our very own Singaporean flute maker, makes Dizis personally […]