2 March 2020

Chinese New Year Performance for Chinatown CNY Light up

2 March 2020,

We were honoured to be invited to performance for this year’s Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebration 2020 for Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng CCC. They wanted […]

18 March 2019

Chinese Ensemble Performances for Chinese New Year 2019

18 March 2019,

Every year during Chinese New Year period, we would get lots of enquires from corporates and individuals to engage our EM ensemble to perform. […]

4 June 2018

Customised Music Ensemble Performance

4 June 2018,

Very frequently, we get clients asking if our Chinese music ensembles can play non traditional Chinese songs, or they have special song requests. The […]

2 June 2018

Chinese New Year Performances 2018

2 June 2018,

Every year during Chinese New Year, we get a lot of enquiries from companies for our Chinese music ensembles to perform traditional Chinese tunes […]

14 June 2014

Opening Ceremony Singapore

14 June 2014,

You have an opening ceremony of an event coming up soon in Singapore. You will be inviting a certain VIP and you need to […]