Yangqin Repairs and Restoration

The Yangqin is one of the most important instruments in Chinese orchestra as well as the most difficult to do self maintenance. With more than 130 strings, it will take someone unfamiliar a long time to tune them and forever to change the strings on them.

But no worries, we have skilled luthiers who are specialised in restring and repairing your Yangqin. Just bring them down to our shop and we will be able to fix any problems you have.

Here are some of the common Yangqin repairs you might face:

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Yangqin Restring

Strings are a very important part of your Yangqin. After playing for a while, the strings will become rusty and ‘dead’ and the notes will not ring anymore. It is then time to change all the strings on your Guzheng.

We do not think you should attempt this arduous task yourself. We have a luthier specialised in Yangqin repairs that can have your Yangqin sounding like new.

Estimated cost: $300 - $400

Estimated time: 2 - 3 weeks

Missing Bridge
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Missing Guzheng Bridge

Sometimes the tip of the bridge on your Yangqin might break off for one reason or other. To repair this, you have to loosen all the strings on the bridge and take out the bridge to fix the broken part. After which you would have to tune back the strings. This is not an easy task for anyone. Just bring it back to us and we can fix it in no time.

Estimated cost: $150

Estimated time: 1 - 2 weeks

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Guzheng Ring Replacement

If your Yangqin is out of tune and you just need to have it tuned, you can bring it down to us. Sometimes if the string is too rusty, the string might break during tuning and will need to be replaced.

Estimated cost: $100 for whole Yangqin

Estimated time: 1 week

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