Mid Autumn Performance

Chinese instrumental ensembles are a perfect fit for the Mid Autumn festival!
Imagine the soft twinkling of the Guzheng, accompanied by the tranquil beam of the Chinese Dizi, followed by the Erhu drawing its melodic lines, while you sip your Chinese tea and nibble that deliciously piece of mooncake.

The stage is set for a delightful evening for your Mid Autumn celebrations

Are you in any of the situations below?

  • Planning Mid Autumn festival events for a shopping mall
  • Planning Mid Autumn festival corporate lunches or dinners
  • Planning a private gathering with friends and relatives during Mid Autumn festival
  • Planning to spice up your restaurant during Mid Autumn festival

If you are, we can provide the a Chinese ensemble to create that perfect ambiance for your event!

Our group of performing musicians has years of performing experience and can play a repertoire befitting of Mid Autumn festival.

Our music genre ranges from Chinese folk music, Chinese oldies, Chinese pop to English oldies, English pop and western classical. And of course, “Moon-themed” traditional Chinese folk tunes are their specialty!

They will also be dressed in traditional Chinese outfit to suit the occasion.

You can consider an instrumental solo, a duet instrumental, a 3 piece or 4 piece depending on your budget and needs.

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