Guzheng - Chinese Zither

Looking for Guzheng lessons in Singapore? You have come to the right place!

The zheng, a generic term for a long plucked boxed zither, is one of the most popular instruments among learners of Chinese instruments.

Not to be confused with the seven stringed guqin, the zheng is an ancient reformed instrument that has unrivalled popularity.

Besides sounding absolutely beautiful with its cascading glissandos, it is one of the easiest instruments to pick up.

Let our experienced instructors show you the proper way of the playing the Guzheng!

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Here are 5 Reasons To Take Guzheng Lessons:

  • Sounds absolutely beautiful
    - Enchanting and uniquely oriental sound
  • Hugely popular, just like the piano
    - But its more 'IN' than the piano
  • Low maintenance instrument
    - Easy to tune and you can change strings yourself
  • Really easy to learn
    - Strings are tuned in a pentatonic way thus you sound good straight away
  • Very expressive instrument
    - With a myriad of unique techniques you can have a high level of expression

Why Eason Music?

6 reasons why you should learn from us
  • 1Established since 1978

    Yes, we're around long enough to know what is going on.

  • 2Experienced, qualified, patient & friendly TEACHERS

    Just to name a few.

  • 3We value your COMFORT

    We offer classes in our studios or the comfort of your home.

  • 4FLEXIBLE time

    Your classes are arrange at your convenient timings.

  • 5FRIENDLY payment arrangements

    Pay monthly, not by term. Missed lessons can be make up.

  • 6Discounts for INSTRUMENT purchases

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Choose your objectives for learning the Guzheng

In Eason Music we recognise that different people have different objectives when learning the Guzheng.
Thus the choice is yours to choose to learn for leisure or for exams.


When you learn for leisure, you can have a stress free learning experience by choosing the types of songs that you want to learn. You pick up the basics of the instrument through learning your choice songs.


When you learn for exams, you have a choice of either following the examination syllabus of Teng-CI-NTU Chinese instrumental examination or NAFA Chinese instrumental examination. Instructors will formulate lesson plans based on either syllabus.

TENG NTU-CI Exam Syllabus

Beginner Guzheng Lessons

This stage is for Grade 1-3 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 1 repertoire:
Yun (云), Shang Xue Qu (上学去), Meng Jiang Nu (孟姜女), Hao Peng You (好朋友), Lao Liu Ban (老六板)

Grade 2 repertoire:
Feng Xiang Ge (风翔歌), Gua Di Feng (刮地风), Wa Ha Ha (娃哈哈), Xiao Niao Zhao Feng (小鸟朝风)

Grade 3 repertoire:
Tian Hei Hei (天黑黑), Cai Mo Gu De Xiao Gu Niang (采蘑菇的小姑娘), Xi Jiang Yue (西江月), Lao Dong Zui Guang Rong (劳动最光荣), Wo You Yi Zhi Xiao Mao Lu (我有一只小毛驴)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Intermediate Guzheng Lessons

This stage is for Grade 4-6 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 4 repertoire:
Xiao Fang Niu (小放牛), Yu Zhou Chang Wan (渔舟唱晚), Fang Zhi Mang (纺织忙), Gu Xiang De Tai Yang (故乡的太阳), Chun Miao (春苗)

Grade 5 repertoire:
Ga Da Mei Lin (嘎达梅林), Feng Qing (凤庆), Yan Bian Min Ge (延边民歌), Dong Ting Xin Ge (洞庭新歌), Shan Dan Dan Hua Kai Hong Yan Yan (山丹丹花开红艳艳)

Grade 6 repertoire:
Feng Shou Luo Gu (丰收锣鼓), Liu Yang He (浏阳河), Chu Shui Lian (出水莲), Xiang Shan She Gu (香山射鼓)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Advanced Guzheng Lessons

This stage is for Grade 7-8 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 7 repertoire:
Qin Sang Qu (秦桑区), Yi Zu Wu Qu (彝族舞曲), Zhan Tai Feng (占台风), Xue Shan Chun Xiao (雪山春晓)

Grade 8 repertoire:
Gao Shan Liu Shui (高山流水), Yue Er Gao (月儿高), Jiang Jun Ling (将军令), Mo Li Fen Fang (茉莉芬芳)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Meet Our Guzheng Teachers!

A student is only as good as her teacher. We only work with qualified and dedicated teachers.

Ni Jiawei

Ni Jiawei

Ni Jiawei was born in Shanghai, China. Jiawei displayed great interest in learning music since young. She graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring

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Hong Ying

Hong Ying

Wang Hong Ying has been learning the Guzheng under the tutelage of renowned Guzheng performer and educator Mdm Yin Qun

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Li Si Jia

Li Si Jia

Li Sijia started learning at a young age of 6 and has been actively taking part in music competitions. Her passion led her to enroll into the Music Middle School Affiliated to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of Jiang Dan Xi.

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Zhou Yayi

Zhou Yayi

Zhou Yayi started learning the Guzheng from Lu Jing, professor at Sichuan Conservatory of Music Middle school and progressed to Sichuan Conservatory of Music Middle school under the tutelage of Lu Jing, Jiang Zhanxi and Zhang Yin.

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Guzheng Lessons Information

You can opt to take Guzheng lessons at our studios at CT Hub 2, or at the comforts of your home. Different rates apply.
CT Hub 2
Your preferred timing
45 to 60 minutes per session

1 month = 4 lessons (1 to 1 lesson)

  • Beginner: SGD 160 (45min)/month
  • Intermediate: SGD 190 (45min)/month
  • Advanced: SGD 220 (45min)/month
  • Advanced: SGD 294 (60min)/month
  • Diploma: SGD 336 (60min)/month

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Your preferred location
Your preferred timing
45 to 60 minutes per session
1 month = 4 lessons

  • Beginner: SGD 278.20 (45min)/month
  • Intermediate: SGD 310.30 (45min)/month
  • Advanced:SGD 342.40 (45min)/month
  • Advanced: SGD 420.90 (60min)/month
  • Diploma: SGD 463.00 (60min)/month

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