Ni Jiawei


Ni Jiawei was born in Shanghai, China. Jiawei displayed great interest in learning music since young. She graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Guzheng under the tutelage of renowned Guzheng performer and educator Mdm Yin Qun.

Jiawei competed in many local and international competitions and had won herself many prizes. In 2013, Jia Wei was awarded Silver Prize in the youth professional category during the third international Zheng contest in Hong Kong. Representing Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in the 2014 National Chinese Music Competition, she won the 3rd prize in the Ensemble category.

Jiawei was very much active in the local and international art scene. In 2008, she was invited for a video recording for Suprememaster Television (satellite television). Her Guzheng solo piece 'Water Sparkling' received rave reviews. In 2012, Jiawei was invited for an interview for 'Art Bites' program in Okto Channel. She had introduced Chinese zither instrument to large amount of Singapore local audiences. In 2013, Jiawei participated in the performance with Siong Leng Musical Association. The traditional Nanyin piece ' Zui Yao Qun' and 'Mei Hua Cao' were well-received. In 2014, Jiawei took part in Singapore local concert 'Our People Our Music 2014' which had broken 2 Guinness World Records.

Jiawei has worked as a Guzheng instructor since 2010 in various government schools as well as private music institutes. Jiawei has a high sense of responsibility and believes in working hard. She has been well known for her helpfulness and well liked by her fellow students. Besides teaching the musical techniques, she also enjoys sharing the joy and happiness through music with her students from all walks of life.

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