October 18, 2020
EM Live! Session #6: All About Yangqin
Have you ever wondered what are the differences between different models of Yangqin? You might have come across the Yangqin terms 401, 402 and 402G, but […]
April 20, 2020
EM Live! Session #5: Hulusi
In this broadcast, we discussed about the Chinese traditional wind instrument – Hulusi (葫芦丝, húlú sī). We talked a little about the instrument before introducing the […]
April 15, 2020
EM Live! Session #4: Chinese Lute – Pipa
Pipa, also known as the Chinese Lute, was the main discussion point for our 4th Facebook live! 1. Comparison of Shanghai and Beijing Pipa We first […]
April 9, 2020
EM Facebook Live! #3 : Portable Guzheng
We recently have started trying out Facebook Live and Instagram Live sessions. The format of our Live sessions goes like this: We first have a chit-chat […]
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