Private Music Lessons for Chinese Musical Instruments

Learn any kind of Chinese Music Instrument in private! For all ages, with or without music background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any music background. Can I pick up a Chinese music instrument?
Definitely so! All of us start from zero. We will teach you everything you need to know.
Do I need to purchase an instrument to start lessons?
We have instruments at our studios which you can use during lesson, but you would need an instrument to practice at home to maximise benefits of the lesson. If you wish to loan an instrument before deciding to buy one, feel free to talk to us!
Are there exams for Chinese music instruments?
Yes there are. We based our exams on the NTU Teng-Confucius Institute Chinese instrumental examination as well as the NAFA Chinese instrumental examination.
Can I learn the instrument but don't take any exams?
Of course you can! Just let your instructor know you are learning for fun and he/she will plan something interesting for you.

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