JASON CHUA started learning the dizi, sheng and suona at a young age of 6, under the baton of Professor Liu Bin. A keen learner, Jason performed in numerous school events and SYF competitions with the Xinghua Primary School Chinese Orchestra and Yuying Secondary School Chinese Orchestra. Over the years, he has come under the guidance of Professor Zhou Dong Chao, as well as Singapore Chinese Orchestra musician Mr Tan Chye Tiong Ronald. In 2011, Jason was awarded a Distinction in Grade 8 dizi by the National University of Singapore.

In 2009, Jason was appointed student conductor of the Yuying Secondary School Chinese Orchestra, and received mentorship from Ms Ding Xiao Yan. Following his graduation in 2012, he has been invited back as guest conductor for a school charity event held at the Singapore Conference Hall. In 2012, Jason was appointed chairperson of the ITE College East Chinese Orchestra; upon graduation, he was employed as the orchestra’s conductor (2012-2013).

An outstanding woodwind musician, Jason has been invited to perform for various events, such as at the Esplanade, as well as with the Marine Parade Community Centre Shanghai Yue Opera. In 2013 and 2015, Jason also performed in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, with the Malaysia’s Southern Chinese Orchestra. He also regularly performs with the Pioneer Chinese Orchestra, in which he is woodwind sectional leader as well as assistant conductor.

Currently, Jason works as a woodwind instructor in Pei Tong Primary School (2014-Current), Beatty Secondary School (2013-present) and Serangoon Secondary School (2013-present). Previously, he has also taught Greenridge Primary School (2013-2014) and Hong Wen School (2014). Jason also conducts drumming modules for Evergreen Primary School (2013-present).

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