Charis started learning Guzheng when she was 6, under Mdm Yin Qun and attained a Diploma at the age of 14.

In secondary school, Charis joined Dunman High School's Guzheng Ensemble and was given several opportunities to travel with DHS Chinese Orchestra to perform as a Guzheng member during DHSCO concerts both locally and overseas. While in DHS Guzheng Ensemble, Charis also participated and planned yearly Guzheng concerts such as "Intertwine 2014", as well as joining the biennal Singapore Youth Festivals. With Guzheng as her main instrument, Charis took up the Music Elective Programme in school, and chose the Performance Major for her O levels, which helped her to achieve great results.

Continuing her interest in Guzheng, Charis joined the National University of Singapore (NUS) Chinese Orchestra during her university days and was appointed the Principal Player of the Guzheng section under Ms Indra Chen from 2019 to 2021. Charis has since gained many opportunities and chances to participate in performances such as NUSCO's "战术,The Art of War" concert and NUSCO "Luminescence".

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