Guzheng Repairs and Restoration

The Guzheng is one of the most popular instruments in Singapore. You will need some maintenance for this instrument once in a while.

Here are some of the common Guzheng repairs you might face:

Guzheng restring


Strings are a very important part of your Guzheng. After playing for a while, the strings will become ‘dead’ and the notes do not ring anymore. It is then time to change all the strings on your Guzheng.

21 strings is a lot of strings to change and tune. Not to worry! Just bring it to us and we can do everything for you. Why do we want you to bring it to us? Because we need a few days to tune the strings, let it set for a day, and repeat the process another 2 times.

Estimated cost: $145

Estimated time: 1 week

Missing Guzheng Bridge

Missing Bridge

Sometimes the bridge on your Guzheng might break or go missing for some reason. Each bridge is different from the rest hence you cannot just take any bridge and fit it. If you have a broken bridge, bring it to us for us to find a bridge of similar height. If you lost the bridge just take the 2 adjacent bridge and we will find a bridge with a height in between.

Estimated cost: $5 per bridge

Estimated time: 1 week



The body of the Guzheng might crack due to changes in weather and climate. We can patch it up and having it looking like new in no time.

Estimated cost: $60 - $120

Estimated time: 1 - 2 weeks


String Ring Replacement

The strings go through a ring at the base and top of the Guzheng. Overtime this ring might pop out and needs to be replaced, otherwise the tone might be affected.

Estimated cost: *Please enquire with us*

Estimated time: 2 days

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