6 May 2019

How to Tune Your Guzheng

6 May 2019,

Got a new Guzheng at home that needs tuning but don’t know how to? Afraid that you might break the strings while you tune […]

22 March 2019

Your Child Just Joined Guzheng CCA? Parents Read This!

22 March 2019,

So your son/daughter has decided to join the Guzheng CCA in your school. As a concerned parent, there might be a thousand questions running […]

4 June 2018

Customised Music Ensemble Performance

4 June 2018,

Very frequently, we get clients asking if our Chinese music ensembles can play non traditional Chinese songs, or they have special song requests. The […]

12 May 2017

Choosing the perfect Guzheng nails

12 May 2017,

Guzheng nails are just as important as the instrument itself — not only do they affect the touch of the performer on the instrument, […]

14 May 2016

Chinese Instruments Moving Out Sale (Part 3)!

14 May 2016,

Here’s the final part of our Moving Out Sale! (Click here for part 1 consisting of Liuqins, Ruans and Pipas). (Click here for part […]