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Many primary, secondary, junior colleges schools, polytechnics and universities school already have Chinese Orchestras or Guzheng CCAs. Do I or my child still need to attend lessons from a professional music teacher?
Schools and institutions normally conduct various music courses in large number of students in a class as an interest group or ensembles. Therefore the emphasis is not so much on individual techniques and musicality. A professional teacher provides much more in progressive and comprehensive development for the individuals with flexible time frames and optional examinations.
How can a good music education benefit me or my child?
A good music education equals to more opportunities. Besides joining music interest groups in schools/institutions to earn CCA points, students can also use the skills/certificates to enter music institutions like NAFA, LaSalle or foreign music universities. Of course the student may simply play music as a fulfilling hobby.
Are there exams for Chinese music instruments?
Yes there are. We based our exams on the Teng CI-NTU Chinese instrumental examination as well as the NAFA Chinese instruments examination.
How young can my child start to learn Chinese instruments? Can they handle such big instruments like Guzheng?
Children can start taking up instrumental lessons as young as 5 years old, we use special books and smaller sized Guzhengs to build their interest and develop their nimble fingers gradually for more advanced pieces.
Do I need to purchase an instrument to start lessons?
Well, we have instruments at our studios which you can use during lesson, but you would need an instrument to practise at home to maximise benefits of the lesson. If you wish to loan an instrument before deciding to buy one, feel free to talk to us! Otherwise, we offer instrument discounts for our students!
Is vocal singing and music theory being taught during the instrumental lessons?
There will be vocal/theory training included during lessons to ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge to understand the pieces/scores being taught. Alternatively, you can join our theory class.
I do not have any music background. Can I pick up a Chinese music instrument?
Definitely so! All of us start from zero. We will teach you everything you need to know.
I am over 60 years old. Is it too late to start?
Definitely not! No age is too old to learn. One of our oldest student is 70 years of age.


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