20 April 2020

EM Live! Session #5: Hulusi

20 April 2020,

In this broadcast, we discuss about the Chinese traditional wind instrument – Hulusi (葫芦丝). We talked a little about the instrument before introducing the […]

26 November 2018

DIY Method to Protect the Dimo on your Dizi

26 November 2018,

Have you ever accidentally broken the dimo on your dizi that you painstakingly pasted? The dimo is one fragile piece of thing on your […]

28 August 2018

Proper Way of Pasting the Dimo on Your Dizi

28 August 2018,

The Dimo is a very unique part of the Chinese flute – dizi. It is the thing that gives the Dizi its unique bright […]

19 October 2016

What Key(s) Of Dizi Should An Amateur Get?

19 October 2016,

Longtime readers of our blog would know by now that we do try to tackle dizi-related problems every now and then. However, for today […]

22 May 2016

What is a Xun Flute?

22 May 2016,

Ever wondered about what a xun really is, and how it is played? Well, the xun is an egg-shaped, wind instrument with approximately seven […]