Our Instructors

A student is only as good as her teacher.

All of our Chinese instrumental music teachers are well-studied, with years of teaching experience.
They are also effectively bilingual in Chinese and English!

Chin Yen Choong


Yen Choong's musical journey began when he started learning the Pipa from Mr Toh Kok Chun in 1988. He has since been active in the Chinese music scene....

Guo Xiaojin


An active performer, Guo Xiaojin has performed in different provinces of China and France during her schooling years from 2001 to 2007, when she was appointed Principal player of the erhu section in the Shenzhen Art School.

Deborah Siok


DERBORAH SIOK started learning the erhu at the age of 9 under the tutelage of Zhang Yu Ming, a renowned erhu master and teacher. She went on to be a part...

Wang Zhi Jun


Wang Zhi Jun started learning the Erhu at the young age of 6 and eventually graduated Raffles Music College and University of West London with Bachelor’s Degree of Music (Honours) in Music Performance. An experienced Erhu...

Ng Rui Jun


Rui Jun started taking erhu lessons from Ms Wang Jing in 2007. In 2009, he continued his studies under the tutelage of Ms Shen Qin, obtaining a Grade 8 Certificate...

Chen Ning


CHEN NING started learning the erhu at the tender age of 10, under the tutelage of Xu Wenjing. Her keen interest in the instrument led her to join the Nanyang..

Fong Liyang


FONG LIYANG started learning the erhu at the age of 9, under Mr Liu Chong Zheng. A keen learner, Liyang obtained diploma certification in erhu at the age of 15...

Lam Zipeng

Guzheng | Ruan

Mr Lam Zipeng has a bachelor's degree in Arts (Guzheng, Ruan) from the China Conservatory of music, Beijing, China. He also has a grade 8 in piano by...

Li Sijia


Li Sijia started learning at a young age of 6. Since young, she has been actively taking part in music competitions. Her passion led her to enroll into the Music Middle School Affiliated to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of Jiang Dan Xi.

Wang Hong Ying


Wang Hong Ying has been learning the Guzheng under the tutelage of renowned Guzheng performer and educator Mdm Yin Qun...

Ni Jiawei


Ni Jiawei was born in Shanghai, China. Jiawei displayed great interest in learning music since young. She graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring...

Huang Ting Xuan


Huang Tingxuan started learning the Guzheng at the age of 8. Over the course of learning the Guzheng, she had studied under Guzheng masters such as...

Cedric Chin

Pipa | Ruan

Mr Lam Zipeng has a bachelor's degree in Arts (Guzheng, Ruan) from the China Conservatory of music, Beijing, China. He also has a grade 8 in piano by...

Wang Siyuan


Wang Siyuan was accepted into the Central Conservatory of Music Affiliated Middle School in 2008, where she studied under the tutelage of Professor Fan Wei.

Ng Bi Yu


Ng Bi Yu picked up Pipa at the age of 7 under the tutelage of Mdm Liu Yan at Nanyang Academics of Fine Arts, The School of Young Talents. She achieved her Diploma in 2009 from both Central Conservatory of Music and NUS Centre For the Arts...

Wong Wai Kit


Wong Wai Kit began playing the Zhongruan at the age of 6. Since the age of 13, he had been under the tutelage of Ding Xiao Yan and Fu Yingying and is currently under the tutelage of Han Ying.

Anson Lim


ANSON LIM first started playing in a Chinese orchestra back during his secondary school days in Malaysia, as a percussionist. Under the influence of his senior..

Andy Tay


Tay Wei Liang Andy started learning the dizi at the age of thirteen from dizi maestro Professor Zhan Yong Ming. Under the careful tutelage of Professor Zhan, Andy was awarded both as a soloist as well as an ensemble musician.

Ng Kok Wee


Since Secondary School, Kok Wee picked up the Dizi and has been actively participaing in various Community Centre Chinese Orchestra.

Jason Chua


JASON CHUA started learning the dizi, sheng and suona at a young age of 6, under the baton of Professor Liu Bin. A keen learner, Jason performed in numerous school...


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