26 June 2014
26 June 2014,

Following our previous blogspot on Erhu and their baseplates, we have done a video to show you how to disassemble your erhu.

Under normal circumstances you probably will not need to do that in your lifetime.

Some extraordinary circumstances include:

– You are curious about what lies between your baseplate and resonator

– You want to clean the insides of your erhu

– You want to break them down into smaller pieces for easier transport

– You want to carve something at a part that is only reachable if you take it apart

– You want to just ship the resonator to someone for it to be reskin

Essentially the steps are:

  1. Use tape to stick the qianjin such that it will not be messed up when you remove the strings.  If you want to retie the qianjin this step does not matter
  2. Remove the strings.  Store it nicely if you want to reuse it later
  3. There is a screw at the bottom of the erhu.  Use a screwdriver to take it out
  4. You can now remove the baseplate
  5. To remove the neck from the resonator, just lightly knock the resonator out or like in the video, use your fingers to push it out.

So here’s the video:

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