Music Lessons

Music Lessons @ Eason Music

For people staying in Singapore...

If you are located in Singapore, we offer private music lessons at our studios or at the comfort of your home.

We also have scheduled group music lessons which you can learn together with people of similar interests.

  • Take lessons at our air-conditioned studios in CT Hub 2
  • Leave your instruments at home and use our instruments
  • Better resources available in our shop next to our studios

Tell me more!

  • Take lesson at a familiar setting - your home
  • Cuts down travelling time to nil
  • Less hassle of bringing your instrument about

Tell me more!

  • Take lessons in a group
  • Be motivated by each other
  • Less stress
  • More economical

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For people in other parts of the world...

If you are not located in Singapore, we also offer skype music lessons for all kinds of Chinese musical instruments. You just need a PC and an internet connection.

You can also check out our online erhu learning website.

  • Take lessons anywhere in the world via Skype
  • All our instructors can teach you Chinese music instruments - in English
  • We have instructors for all kinds of Chinese music instruments

Learn More!

  • Learn the erhu at our very own erhu learning platform
  • Learn erhu anytime, anywhere in the world with our pre-recorded erhu lessons
  • All our instructors can teach you Chinese music instruments - in English

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