7 December 2018

Best and Most Beautiful Erhus by Xu Chun Feng

7 December 2018,

Recently, we managed to get our hands on three of the best Erhus around in the market which are hand crafted by Xu Chun […]

3 July 2018

Proper Way to Tie Your Qianjin

3 July 2018,

The Qianjin is the piece of string that goes around the neck of the Erhu, pulling the 2 steel strings towards the neck. After […]

8 June 2018

Erhu Bows, their Tone Color and Characteristics

8 June 2018,

In our EMTV Episode 2, we talked about the things to look out for when choosing an Erhu bow. Following that, a lot of […]

4 June 2018

Customised Music Ensemble Performance

4 June 2018,

Very frequently, we get clients asking if our Chinese music ensembles can play non traditional Chinese songs, or they have special song requests. The […]

23 May 2018

EM Session #6: Havana ooh na-na

23 May 2018,

Recently we have done a short instrumental cover of Havana by Camila Cabello using some traditional Chinese music instruments and the guitar. This is […]