EM Pop Trio

Imagine the cool sounds of Dizi and Erhu grooving along with the jazzy and smooth beats of a keyboard building up a perfect chillaxing background for your evening event.

Introducing EM Pop Trio, where you get entertained by the lushful accompaniment of our keyboardist, with our traditional Chinese instrumentalist churning out the melodies of familiar and popular tunes.

Instead of Chinese classiscs, they play an exciting mix of Chinese pop, English pop, Bossa Nova and jazzy tunes.

Have your pick of any 2 Chinese instruments from Guzheng, Dizi, Pipa or Erhu and form a unique performance trio with our professional keyboardist.


  • 青花瓷
  • 夜来香
  • 月牙湾
  • 城里的月光
  • 菊花台
  • 小幸运
  • 甜蜜蜜
  • 月亮代表我的心
  • Photograph
  • Circle of Life
  • Shape of you
  • Havanna
  • Colors of the Wind
  • Thousand Years
  • Fly me to the moon
  • What a wonderful world etc...

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Perfect for weddings, corporate dinners and cocktail receptions.



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