Yangqin - Chinese Dulcimer

The Yangqin is a trapezoid shaped instrument with hundreds of strings on it, 144 strings to be exact. It is hammered with a pair of shaved bamboo sticks to produce a ringing tone hence is sometimes known as the hammered dulcimer. The notes are chromatic, so generally you can play any kinds of music on it.

Besides being a good accompaniment instrument for other instruments, the yangqin also has lots of exciting and nice sounding solo pieces.

Please view a solo performance on the yangqin below:

5 Reasons To Learn The Yangqin:

  • Can play chords and notes together
    - One of the reasons why the Yangqin is called the Chinese piano
  • Nice and full tone
    - It has been described to sound like a cascading waterfall
  • You play it sitting down, without having to hold the instrument
    - So you can learn the instrument comfortably without feeling sore
  • You are special, there's only 1, or 2 Yangqin players in an orchestra
    - Also, you'll become popular amongst Erhu players for being able to be an accompanist for them
  • You do not need to bring it to lesson
    - Don't need to worry about damaging your instrument while being outside

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Choose your objectives for learning the Yangqin

In Eason Music we recognise that different people have different objectives when learning the Yangqin.
Thus the choice is yours to choose to learn for leisure or for exams.


When you learn for leisure, you can have a stress free learning experience by choosing the types of songs that you want to learn. You pick up the basics of the instrument through learning your choice songs.


When you learn for exams, you have a choice of either following the examination syllabus of Teng-CI-NTU Chinese instrumental examination or NAFA Chinese instrumental examination. Instructors will formulate lesson plans based on either syllabus.

TENG NTU-CI Exam Syllabus

Beginner Yangqin Lessons

This stage is for Grade 1-3 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 1 repertoire:
拔河 (Ba He), 玩具车 (Wan Ju Che), 老六板 (Lao Liu Ban), Chan Mali Chan

Grade 2 repertoire:
青梅竹马 (Qing Mei Zhu Ma), 小黑猫 (Xiao Hei Mao), 大白鹅 (Da Bai Er), 青蛙与小姑娘 (Qing Wa Yu Xiao Gu Niang)

Grade 3 repertoire:
扑蝴蝶 (Pu Hu Die), 紫竹调 (Zhi Zhu Diao), 波尔卡舞曲 (Bo Er Ka Wu Qu), 童谣 (Tong Yao)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Intermediate Yangqin Lessons

This stage is for Grade 4-6 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 4 repertoire:
茉莉花 (Mo Li Hua) , 龙虎斗 (Long Hu Dou), 两只老虎 (Liang Zhi Lao Hu), 银河会 (Ying He Hui)

Grade 5 repertoire:
节日的天山 (Jie Ri De Tian Shan), 将军令 (Jiang Jun Ling), 双手开出幸福泉 (Shuang Shou Kai Chu Xing Fu Quan), 美丽的金达莱 (Mei Li De Jin Da Lai)

Grade 6 repertoire:
映山红 (Ying Shan Hong), 春到清江 (Chuan Dao Qing Jiang), 美丽的非洲 (Mei Li De Fei Zhou), 小月儿高 (Xiao Yue Er Gao)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Advanced Yangqin Lessons

This stage is for Grade 7-8 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 7 repertoire:
龙船 (Long Chuan), 离骚 (Li Sao), 晋调 (Jing Diao), 忆事曲 (Yi Shi Qu)

Grade 8 repertoire:
火花 (Huo Hua), 林冲夜奔 (Lin Chong Ye Ben), 思 (Si), 满乡随想曲 (Man Xiang Sui Xiang Qu), 天山诗画 (Tian Shan Shi Hua)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Meet Our Yangqin Teacher!

A student is only as good as her teacher. We only work with qualified and dedicated teachers.

Yangqin Lessons Information

You can opt to take lessons at our studios at CT Hub 2, or at the comforts of your home. Different rates apply.
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  • Advanced: SGD 220 (45min)/month
  • Advanced: SGD 294 (60min)/month
  • Diploma: SGD 336 (60min)/month

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Your preferred timing
45 to 60 minutes per session
1 month = 4 lessons

  • Beginner: SGD 278.20 (45min)/month
  • Intermediate: SGD 310.30 (45min)/month
  • Advanced:SGD 342.40 (45min)/month
  • Advanced: SGD 420.90 (60min)/month
  • Diploma: SGD 463.00 (60min)/month

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