Wang Zhi Jun


Wang Zhi Jun started learning the ErHu and painting at the age of six. In 2010, Wang with honor Admitted to the Middle School Affiliated to the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing to further her Erhu studies, under Professor Yan Jiemin in Central Conservatory of Music University.

Wang Zhi Jun gained school scholarship and won awards several times. She gained the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship, awarded the title of “Excellent Student in Beijing”, then she won the Silver Award in Beijing National Instrumental Music Competition. Performed at China Central Television Mid Autumn Evening “Horizon Altogether This Time-Lu Gou Blue Moon”.

Since Nov.2013, she had enrolled into Singapore Raffles Music College and represented the college’s main Erhu-ist. Then she received guidance from professional teacher Darrel Xin and Zhu Lin. In Nov.2015 she became a member of Singapore Li Yuan Girls Chinese Music Ensemble. In June 2018, she graduated from University of West London with Bachelor’s Degree of Music (Honours) in Music Performance. After Graduation, she moved to Sydney, Australia for her music teaching career.

During her time in Sydney at a Chinese Music school, she performed at Sydney Confucius Institute, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Newcastle Art Gallery as well. She taught a number of both internal and Chinese students. Since July 2020, she lives in Singapore as an Erhu instructor.

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