4 November 2015

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4 November 2015,
Suzhou Erhu maker MMK and us go back a long way.

We met him quite a few years ago in Shanghai together with Erhu maestro Sun Yu Rong. Sun told me that I definitely have to meet MMK and try out his Erhus, not only because they are great stuff, but because MMK is a very nice guy.

True enough, MMK has to be the most unassuming Erhu maker I have ever met. He is man of a few words and hardly talks about how good his Erhus are. You sometimes even wonder if he is a little socially awkward.

There are lots of Erhu makers who like to boast about their Erhus. MMK belongs to the category of letting his Erhus do the talking for him. His Erhus are well made, consistent and reasonable priced. Coupled with great work ethic and integrity, we have built a strong working relationship over the years. I trust he always picks good Erhus for me.

Last week a new batch of his Erhu arrived and my Erhu instructor and I spent sometime setting up the Erhus.


The sound and feel of this batch of black Sandalwood and violet Sandalwood Erhus are excellent. We subsequently made a demo with 2 of them.

Violet Sandalwood

It has good volume, sounds creamy and rich with some sweetness.
Black Sandalwood

It has less sweetness than the Violet sandalwood Erhu, but has good volume and a mellow tone that some people like.

A few of them have already been reserved.

So if you are looking to upgrade your Erhu, picking up the Erhu or preparing a Christmas present, you can seriously consider these 2 Erhus:

Suzhou Violet Sandalwood Erhu by MMK

Suzhou Black Sandalwood Erhu by MMK

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  1. Tan Teck Kiang says:

    Where to take a look of these new Er hu?

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