2 October 2015
2 October 2015,
One of the frequently asked questions is what is the difference between a good Dizi and a very good Dizi.

Well, the difference is mainly in the grade of bamboo used.  With better materials, it is easier for one to hit the higher octaves and also to play it loud without the sound cracking.  You will also get a richer and more rounded tone from a better Dizi.

One of our customers wanted to hear the difference between a concert grade Dizi and a premium grade Dizi by Xie Bing.  We duly obliged and got our Dizi instructor Jonathan Tan to do an impromptu demo on the 2 Dizis.

You be the judge on which sounds better.


The 2 Dizis used in the video are:

1) Concert Grade C Key Dizi by Xie Bing

2) Premium Grade C Key Dizi by Xie Bing


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2 responses on “Comparing 2 models of Dizi

  1. Deborah Duncan says:

    Thank you for the demo of the two flutes. I was wondering about the differences. I can hear the difference..it is analogous to the difference between a fine silver western flute and a band flute.. When I can play the dizi better, I will definitely upgrade. However, my bamboo flute still sounds good to me. Thank you for the videos

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