22 October 2015
22 October 2015,
About 95% of Erhus come with friction pegs. Not only that, all the good/ expensive / valuable Erhus come with friction pegs.
If you have tuned an Erhu with friction pegs before, you would agree that it is sometimes difficult to get it exactly in tune. When it’s a little flat and you would like turn the peg just a little to get it in tune, it goes a little sharp. Then you turn it loose a little and it becomes a little flat.

Fortunately, there are 2 ways you can fine tune the open strings of your Erhu with friction pegs.

1. Fix Metal adjusters
You can buy 2 metal adjusters and attach them on the strings of your Erhu.
By turning the knobs / screws on the adjuster, you increase the tension or release the tension the screw exerts on the string by that wee bit. So when the tension changes, the pitch of your Erhu changes too.

You can purchase those metal adjusters from our online store here.

Well, if you are a purist and do not like metal things on your Erhu, you can try method 2.

2. DIY string adjusters
Here’s an easy – do it yourself – way to fine tune your Erhu.

You will need some qianjin string and a scissors. Preferably qianjin string because it is thick enough and has enough friction.

What you do is to loop the qianjin string over the neck, then over one string and tie a knot. Do this for both strings.

When you move the string adjusters up, it pulls the string slightly hence increases the pitch.

Before you start, make sure that your Erhu string is looped at the end of your pegs and the qianjin is pulling the Erhu strings at a slight angle. If they are not, just loosen and bunched them at the end.

We have specially made a video below to show you how to fix the metal adjusters as well as how to make the DIY string adjuster.

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6 responses on “2 Ways to Fine Tune Your Erhu

  1. Robert says:

    Interesting about the DIY tuners. Thanks!

  2. Fred Tsui says:

    My friend told me about the DIY method but he did not explain how it works. After watching your video, now I understand.

    Thank you.


  3. Andrew Kuah says:

    Hi T.S.W

    Thanks for DIY tip. So simple and effective and it works a treat.



  4. JAVIER says:

    Gracias, Thank you, Friend.

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