19 October 2016

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19 October 2016,
Longtime readers of our blog would know by now that we do try to tackle dizi-related problems every now and then. However, for today we decided to answer a broader question: What key(s) of dizi should an amateur get? Many beginners to the instrument often wonder about how many dizis they really need, aside from the oft-quoted D or G key dizi.

Truth is, it really depends on the situation: there could be a piece that you are learning that requires you to have that F key dizi, or you could be an experienced multi-instrumentalist that is trying to experiment with whatever that is available. We decided to ask Ng Weixuan, a teacher here with us at Eason Music, to share his thoughts regarding the issue.

When Weixuan first decided to buy his own dizi for use in Chinese orchestras, he bought a set consisting of dizis in the keys of C, D, F and G. When asked what was the key reason for buying these particular dizis, he shared that their necessity in Chinese orchestral repertoire was what motivated him to make his purchase.

According to Weixuan, new learners should start with a D key dizi – aside from being one of the easiest to play, many traditional pieces are in D as well. He also adds that serious learners should consider getting our Best Bamboo Flute Set – due to its high quality, buying it would be a worthwhile investment (think no further upgrades down the road)!

As time passed, he bought higher-quality dizis in the keys of C, D, F and G, as well as an E key dizi. Weixuan added that the E key dizi was bought due to its importance in solo dizi repertoire; many are in the keys of E and A.

Currently, Weixuan is on the lookout for a Low C key dizi – however, this usually has to be made upon request. 

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