16 July 2016
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16 July 2016,

We regularly get customers who walk in and ask us which of our erhus sell the best. While the answer may be unexpected to some, it is in fact our cheapest model that sells the most. Although there are cheaper erhus in the market (some of which we have attemped to sell before), we strongly feel they are not really worth the effort. The materials and workmanship of cheaper erhus tend to produce a tone that is immensely unsatisfying and even at times, discouraging. If you are just starting out on the instrument, buying a sub-par model may cause you to be unsure on whether or not bad tone is due to your own fault, or the instrument’s.

This particular erhu is from the Shanghai Dunhuang Yun brand. We have been their sole distributor ever since they started and, their quality has always been consistent. It is made from rosewood, and comes with a shiny finish and floral design. The accompanying snakeskin protector is white in colour.

Despite its price, the snakeskin is not too shabby. The quality of the snakeskin determines the tone of the instrument. In this case, it’s properly treated and the scales are not too big, nor too small. The tension of the snakeskin is decent, as well – for a beginner, it is not ideal to have the tension of your snakeskin too tight, as that would make the instrument sound bright and sharp for a long time.

The instrument comes with a slightly shorter Shanghai bow. If you can upgrade to a professional Shanghai bow, the resultant tone is significantly better. Naturally, the tone of this erhu is sweet and warm. It is also quite responsive, which would mean that you do not require a lot of effort to get a clear sound. If you prefer a more mellow sound, replacing the given bridge with a darker-coloured bridge would help.

If you’re not in Singapore and is interested in purchasing this instrument, please click on the link below:

If you are in Singapore feel free to come down to Eason Music at any time to try it out!

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