8 June 2018

Erhu Bows, their Tone Color and Characteristics

8 June 2018,

In our EMTV Episode 2, we talked about the things to look out for when choosing an Erhu bow. Following that, a lot of […]

4 June 2018

Customised Music Ensemble Performance

4 June 2018,

Very frequently, we get clients asking if our Chinese music ensembles can play non traditional Chinese songs, or they have special song requests. The […]

23 May 2018

EM Session #6: Havana ooh na-na

23 May 2018,

Recently we have done a short instrumental cover of Havana by Camila Cabello using some traditional Chinese music instruments and the guitar. This is […]

23 May 2018

EM Session #7: Shang Hao De Qing Chun – Sun Yan Zi

23 May 2018,

In our 7th EM session, we covered a song by Sun Yan Zi (Stephanie Sun) that was released in 2014. Why did we choose […]

10 September 2017

Basic Erhu Setup

10 September 2017,

Having your Erhu setup properly can make the difference between your Erhu sounding horrible and good. Sometimes, the most obvious thing to us might […]