23 February 2016
23 February 2016,
Recently Xie Bin came over to Singapore with his family for the first Singapore Dizi Festival organised by the Singapore Chinese Music Federation and the Singapore Dizi Society.

Xie Bin is one of the leading Dizi – Chinese bamboo flute makers in Hangzhou China and we carry quite a number of his Chinese flutes.

Besides bringing his family over, he also brought over a few very exquisite Dizi sets endorsed by Dizi maestro Zhan Yong Ming. Zhan Yong Ming is highly revered and respected by Xie Bing not only because he is a Dizi maestro, but because Zhan Yong Ming taught him Dizi (and his son too) for a while.

This is the story of how the flutes came into existence: (*Dialogue and manner of speaking is fictitious by the gist is accurate)

One day master Zhan called up Xie Bin up over the phone said, “Xie Dude, I just wrote a new kick-ass Dizi concerto called 西湖之韵 and I need a really good set of flutes to go with it.”

“Uh huh…How many of them and what keys?” asked Xie Bin.

“There are 4 movements to my concerto but I would need 5 of them in the keys of C, D, E, F and G. Please pick the best bamboo that you can find. Those thick and dense bamboo that comes up once in every 100 pieces of bamboo you harvest.” replied Master Zhan.

“Uh huh…Do you want them with joint or without joint?” asked Xie Bin.

“Of course without joint. Just make them as pitch perfect as possible. I’ll just compensate Whatever environmental pitch fluctuations with my playing.” said Master Zhan.

“Uh huh….So do you want to inscribe anything on the Dizis? asked Xie Bin.

“I’ll give you some cool sounding 4 character phrases related to my Dizi concerto. You can put my name on the back of the Dizis for my endorsement as well. Let me test each one of them before you put on the finishing touches. My name is on it so I need to make sure they are of the highest standard.” said Master Zhan.

“Uh Huh…Okey Dokey..” replied Xie Bin.

And so they came up with this delectable Dizi set of 5 high quality dizis that is one of the best ever made. Using the remaining quality materials, Xie Bin made a few more sets and brought them over for us to introduce to flute enthusiast all over the whole.

Here is the dizi set in its full glory:

They are understandably more pricey than other Dizis but the quality is totally worth it.

If you love Chinese Dizi and want the best money can buy, click here to purchase this exquisite set of Dizis.

*Only 4 sets left*

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