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The sheng is sometimes know as the Chinese mouth organ.

While origins of the traditional sheng dates back to about 3000 years ago, modern keyed shengs used in orchestras nowadays are invented much more recently in the 20th century (Year 1900 onwards).

It is a free reed instrument that can be played by both exhaling and inhaling, much like a harmonica.

The sheng can be played as a main melody solo instrument as well as an accompaniment instrument, versatile enough to fit in a wide variety of music genres and styles.

Its smooth sounding and unique tone blends well with most instruments and its multitude of techniques add flavor to the pieces.

Let our experienced instructors show you how to play the sheng with great dexterity and finesse.

6 Reasons To Learn Sheng


intro videos to Traditional and Keyed Shengs

Traditional Sheng (传统笙)

36-Reed Keyed Sheng (三十六簧键笙)

Tenor Sheng (次中音笙)


6 reasons why you should learn from us


In Eason Music we recognise that different people have different objectives when learning the Guzheng.
Thus the choice is yours to choose to learn for leisure or for exams.


When you learn for leisure, you can have a stress free learning experience by choosing the types of songs that you want to learn. You pick up the basics of the instrument through learning your choice songs.


When you learn for exams, you have a choice of either following the examination syllabus of Teng-CI-NTU Chinese instrumental examination or NAFA Chinese instrumental examination. Instructors will formulate lesson plans based on either syllabus.

TENG NTU-CI Exam Syllabus

Beginner Sheng Lessons

This stage is for Grade 1-3 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Soprano Sheng 高音笙

Grade 1 repertoire:
Climbing Stairs (上下台阶), Jingle Bells (圣诞铃声), Undulating Notes (起伏的音符), Chan Mali Chan

Grade 2 repertoire:
Canzonetta (抒情曲), Little White Boat (小白船), Longing for Home (乡情), Yearning (情思)

Grade 3 repertoire:
Happy Melody (愉快的旋律), Having Fun (嬉戏), Jasmine (茉莉花), Memories (回忆)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Intermediate Sheng Lessons

This stage is for Grade 4-6 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Soprano Sheng 高音笙

Grade 4 repertoire:
The Search for Elder Brother (妹妹找哥哥泪花流), Lyrical Waltz (抒情的华尔滋), Mayeela (玛依拉), Melodious Song (旋律之歌)

Grade 5 repertoire:
Dance of a Female Warrior (女战士舞曲), Lively Allegretto (跳跃的小快板), Village in Minor (农村小调), Tai-Chi (太极)

Grade 6 repertoire:
Mayeela Medley (玛依拉变奏曲), Joyous Life (欢乐的生活), The Rising Sun (迎朝阳), The Train Entering The Town (火车开进乡镇来)

Alto Sheng 中音笙

Grade 4 repertoire:
The Search for Elder Brother (妹妹找哥哥泪花流), Lyrical Waltz (抒情的华尔滋), Mayeela (玛依拉), Melodious Song (旋律之歌)

Grade 5 repertoire:
Slurs and Tonguing (连线与吐音), Dancing Toys (起舞的玩具), Huan Huan (欢欢), Changing Notes (不停转换的音符)

Grade 6 repertoire:
Celebrating Harvest (庆丰收), Joyous Notes (欢乐的音符), Skippy Allegro (跳跃的快板), Song of a Coachman (马车夫之歌)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Advanced Sheng Lessons

This stage is for Grade 7-8 (Based on Teng - CI - NTU - Chinese instrumental examination).

Soprano Sheng 高音笙

Grade 7 repertoire:
Double Golden Dance (双金舞), Polka (波尔卡), Singing on the Highlands (高原放歌), Dance of the Guerrilla (五寸刀舞)

Grade 8 repertoire:
Turkish March (土耳其进行曲), Cavalry on the Grassland (草原骑兵), Dance of the Swans - from Swan Lake (天鹅舞曲), Joyful Grasslands (欢乐的草原)

Alto Sheng 中音笙

Grade 7 repertoire:
Gigue (吉格舞曲), Song of Pasir Ris (巴西立之歌), The Joyful Shepherd Boy (欢乐的牧童), The Swan (天鹅)

Grade 8 repertoire:
Lyrical Melody (抒情曲调), Capriccio (随想曲), Passion for Sheng (笙情), Madeira No.8

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*


our team

A student is only as good as her teacher. We only work with qualified and dedicated teachers

Reverberance is one of the top Chinese wind and percussion ensembles in Singapore.

We are proud to announce that we are working with Reverberance to bring their highly qualified sheng teachers to you!


Cindy Yang

Cindy Yang was born in Taiwan and is a graduate of the Central Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor's Degree in Sheng Performance. She had also previously held the position of Associate Principal of Sheng section in the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Currently she is the Sheng musician of Reverberance, as well as the Sheng/ Suona instructor for various schools...

Vincent Tan

Vincent Tan Eng Kiat is a virtuoso Sheng musician and also an experienced Chinese Woodwind instructor in Singapore with more than a decade of experience coaching Chinese Orchestras in Singapore...

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