Huang Kexin


Huang Kexin embarked on her Erhu journey at the tender age of 6 under her father's guidance.

With remarkable talent and dedication, she clinched numerous first prizes in provincial and municipal ethnic instrument competitions, culminating in a prestigious gold medal at the inaugural Dunhuang Cup Chinese Youth Erhu Competition in 2010.

This victory marked the beginning of a significant mentorship with Yu Hongmei, a renowned figure in the world of erhu performance and education. Huang's accolades continued to accumulate, including recognition from the China Musicians Association and various provincial competitions.


Her commitment to excellence led her to pursue higher education in music at Ningbo University, where she not only excelled academically but also showcased her leadership skills as the vice leader of the university's Folk Music Orchestra.

Huang's passion for erhu extends beyond personal achievement; she views it as a means to preserve and promote China's rich cultural heritage.

Her dedication to teaching and research, particularly in the realm of music's impact on prisoner rehabilitation, reflects her broader commitment to societal enrichment through the arts.

As a multifaceted musician, educator, and researcher, Huang Kexin exemplifies the profound influence of erhu beyond mere musical prowess.

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