7 December 2018

Best and Most Beautiful Erhus by Xu Chun Feng

7 December 2018,

Recently, we managed to get our hands on three of the best Erhus around in the market which are hand crafted by Xu Chun […]

26 November 2018

DIY Method to Protect the Dimo on your Dizi

26 November 2018,

Have you ever accidentally broken the dimo on your dizi that you painstakingly pasted? The dimo is one fragile piece of thing on your […]

28 August 2018

Proper Way of Pasting the Dimo on Your Dizi

28 August 2018,

The Dimo is a very unique part of the Chinese flute – dizi. It is the thing that gives the Dizi its unique bright […]

3 July 2018

Proper Way to Tie Your Qianjin

3 July 2018,

The Qianjin is the piece of string that goes around the neck of the Erhu, pulling the 2 steel strings towards the neck. After […]

8 June 2018

Erhu Bows, their Tone Color and Characteristics

8 June 2018,

In our EMTV Episode 2, we talked about the things to look out for when choosing an Erhu bow. Following that, a lot of […]