23 April 2016

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23 April 2016,
An interesting incident happened over the week.

I put up a blog post on the sale of some old and used instruments that I have 1 – 2 weeks ago. Among them was a Violet Sandalwood Gaohu which we are clearing at S$650 (usual price was S$1300).

A few days later, a student who was interested in it and came over to check it out. He tested the gaohu for 1 – 2 hours and eventually bought it.

But after a days, he came back with his parents with the gaohu. They asked if there is anyway of proving that the gaohu is indeed made of sandalwood. We said that the wood looks like broad leaf sandalwood / violet sandalwood to us. He told me that he showed the gaohu to 2 ‘experienced’ erhu players and they said that the wood is actually normal rosewood.

Well from the sound of it, he trusted the opinions of these 2 ‘experienced’ erhu players so we decided to take back the gaohu and refund him in full.

In the spirit of finding out the truth, I took pictures of the gaohu and sent them to respectable erhu makers Hu Han Rou and Yu Kai Ming (through her sister).

Hu Han Rou sent an audio message which I am unable to post here, but I’ll be happy to share with you if you catch me in the shop. Basically she said that the wood is definitely not small leaf sandalwood. It is most probably broad leaf sandalwood / violet sandalwood and definitely not rosewood.

As for Yu Kai Ming, here’s a screenshot of my wechat conversation with his sister.


If you cannot read Chinese, the last line says that Yu Kai Ming says the wood is broad leaf violet sandalwood.

Here’s a closeup shot of the gaohu and its wood grains if you want to have a go at identifying the wood:





Well, I would value the opinion more of erhu makers who come into contact with different kinds of wood on a daily basis, than leisure players who own a few erhus throughout their lifetime.

Someone’s loss is another’s gain. This gaohu has been sold to Henry from the United States.

And it sounds awesome as well!

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