26 June 2014

How to take apart your Erhu

26 June 2014,

Following our previous blogspot on Erhu and their baseplates, we have done a video to show you how to disassemble your erhu. Under normal […]

20 June 2014

Best selling Guzheng

20 June 2014,

Some of you might know that we have been selling Chinese musical instruments since 1978. To date we must have sold thousands of Guzhengs […]

14 June 2014

Opening Ceremony Singapore

14 June 2014,

You have an opening ceremony of an event coming up soon in Singapore. You will be inviting a certain VIP and you need to […]

8 June 2014

Erhus and their Baseplates

8 June 2014,

Today we are going to look at…..WHAT LIES BENEATH THE ERHU…. We have removed the baseplate of 5 different erhu makers, to scrutinize the […]

4 June 2014

Broken Erhu Head Repair

4 June 2014,

One fine day, someone brought their zhonghu in for repairs. It was broken and the owner took things into her own hands and fix it […]