Wong Wai Kit


Wong Wai Kit began playing the Zhongruan at the age of 6. Since the age of 13, he had been under the tutelage of Ding Xiao Yan and Fu Yingying and is currently under the tutelage of Han Ying, Ruan musician in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Wai Kit has also received tutelage from renown Ruan Musician Feng Man Tian and also renown musician and composer, Lin Ji Liang. Wai Kit is currently a student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Wai Kit has participated in numerous Chinese Music Competitions and clinched awards. In 2012, he was awarded second in the Youth Zhongruan Category at the National Chinese Music Competition held by the National Arts Council. Competing in the National Chinese Music Competition again in 2016, Wai Kit was awarded first place in the Zhongruan Open Category. In 2018, Wai Kit competed in the Nanyang International Chinese Music Competition in the Youth High School Open Category and was awarded second with no first place awarded.

In addition to solo competitions, Wai Kit has also taken part in ensemble competitions with Toa Payoh West Community Center Chinese Orchestra and NAFA Chinese Chamber.

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