Eason Beginner Erhu Class – Module 1

The Chinese erhu has always been the most popular instrument in the Chinese orchestra. The soulful tone that it produces has always been liken to that of a human voice.

Learn from our young and talented erhu teachers, who will teach you the correct and proper way of playing the erhu right from the start!

Through our proprietary learning materials and multimedia, students will have a fun and enjoyable time learning the erhu together with a group of Erhu enthusiasts.


Beginner Erhu Class - Module 1


  • Number of lessons 10
  • Duration of lesson 60min
  • Inclusive of GST, Materials & Registration

What you will learn?

At the end of the beginner Erhu class, you would have learned:

- The proper performing postures and techniques of both hands
- To perform songs on D major (1st position), G major (until 2nd position)
- How to utilize the full length of the bow, playing at different parts of the bow, using different bowing speeds
- How to do slides / portamento
- Building ensembleship (playing together in a group)
...And a slew of interesting songs and tunes!

Erhu Group Class Information

114 Lavender St, CT Hub 2 #02-66 Singapore 338729
Group Size
Min: 4, Max: 6
60 minutes per session
SGD$283.55 - 10 lessons
(Inclusive of registration and materials)
Upcoming Classes (Start Date)
*Currently not available due to Covid-19*


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