14 May 2016
14 May 2016,
Here’s the final part of our Moving Out Sale!

(Click here for part 1 consisting of Liuqins, Ruans and Pipas).

(Click here for part 2 consisting of some Erhus and other stuff).

For part 3, we have actually posted the pictures and information on our Facebook page here under the album – Clearance sales.

There are lots of interesting things there, but here are some of the things that you should look out for.

1) Shanghai Yun Brand Aged Rosewood Erhus, Gaohus and Zhonghus

There are a bunch of used Erhus, Gaohus and Zhonghus from Shanghai Yun brand made from aged rosewood. These instruments are produced at a time where you get really good quality wood at an affordable price. Since they have been used before, the bright edgy tone (that most westerners cannot stand it seems) is gone and what you have is a warm, mellow and sweet sounding erhu. The Zhonghus are responsive, mellow and deep sounding. The gaohus are very responsive too and have a rich and pure tone.

Check out:
Erhus: SEH03, SEH04, SEH05, SEH06, SEH07, SEH08, SEH09, SEH10 SEH15, SEH16, SEH18,
Gaohus: SGH01, SGH02, SGH03
Zhonghus: SZH01, SZH02, SZH03

Shanghai Yun Brand Zhonghu

Shanghai Yun brand Gaohu

Shanghai Yun Brand Erhu

2) Suzhou Zhongruans with bone frets by Huqiu Company

Huqiu Company is one of the oldest instrument factory in China. We have a few of these old school Zhongruans with bone frets that has a nostalgic feel to it. At $190, it is a decent instrument that sounds warm and nice. And we think the trapezoid hardcase is out of this world…

Check out: SZR01

Suzhou Zhongruan by Hu Qiu

3) Old and used Cellos

If you are looking for cheap and playable cellos, we have quite a few of them. It might not look much or sound like Yo Yo ma’s, but its good for beginners or someone who needs a second cello somewhere.

4) Guzhengs

Check out some old stocks of Shanghai Dunhuang violet sandalwood Guzheng in 21 strings as well as 23 strings. The violet sandalwood used during that era is very good.

We also have a 2 steel string (18 strings) Guzhengs going at just S$50!

Also selling 2 guzhengs from San Hao brand which has a body design unlike any you have seen, and a Guzheng made from the coveted NanMu!

Eason Music Guzheng

San Hao Guzheng

4) Pipas and Liuqins

Liuqins selling as cheap as $50 and interesting Jade Pipas

4) Harmonicas and tone generators

Looking for a harmonica? Pick up one for only $3.

And those tone generators that gives out A, or maybe D, A and sometimes DEF#AB? Just come take one for FREE!


Tone generators

If you are in Singapore, drop by our store at 1 Rochor Road (Rochor Centre), #02-612 between 10:30am – 6:30pm daily (Sundays close at 4:30pm).

If you are overseas and is interested in any of the instruments, just drop us an email at [email protected]

Here’s the link to the pictures and prices of the instruments again..

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested.

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