20 June 2014
20 June 2014,
Some of you might know that we have been selling Chinese musical instruments since 1978.

To date we must have sold thousands of Guzhengs already.

Today we are going to reveal to you what is our best selling Guzheng.

It is the Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand 21 string Guzheng with the Duo Cranes design.

Duo Cranes design Guzheng with stand


The design of this best selling Guzheng is the most classic of them all.  It is probably used by all Guzheng makers in China.

In Chinese they call it Shuang He Chao Yang (双鹤朝阳), which means two cranes are flying towards the sun.  In the English world, it somehow was translated to ‘Duo Cranes’.



Here’s a shot of the other end of the best selling Guzheng.




Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand started off using a kind of wood called 非檀, which means African Sandalwood.  Recently they used 红花梨木 or Red Huali wood instead.  The scientific name for the wood isPterocarpus soyauxii and it sounds like a dinosaur.

It is popular because of the classic design, its low price and great sounding tone.

Here are 2 recent video samples of the best selling Guzheng.

Click here to purchase this best selling Guzheng!

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  1. That was fabulous ! Your talent is beyond words. Is this 694D or 694DQ ? Do you like this better than 694KK?
    Do you know of 696E Yun as well.? Here where I live in the US, I also know the brands Yuesheng, and Tianyi and Scarlet Bird. I just want a good sounding well built one. I have 694KK but have the chance to sell it.I would like what to replace it with. Any help would be great. Thank You, Keith

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