27 August 2014
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27 August 2014,
Have you read our 5 reasons to learn the Chinese erhu? Don’t want to paint learning erhu as a bed of roses, so here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider learning the erhu:

1) You should sound really bad initially

A chicken being strangled, the sound your cat makes when you step on its tail – these are just some of the things used to describe a beginner playing the erhu.

2) Intonation is a lifetime struggle

Most players of fret-less instruments struggle with intonation. Throw in a fret-less instrument without a fingerboard and it gets harder still.

3) You might never ever really get the vibrato going

Most people just try to vibrate their whole hand and hope that the sound vibrates as well. You need to inject some control and relaxation into it.

4) It is one of those instruments that you cannot figure it out on your own

Make sure you have access to a teacher, or at least some learning materials. We have an online erhu learning portal and offer skype lessons if you need help.

5) Your neighbours, flatmates, family members and pets might stay away from you.

Ok I’m exaggerating a little. I’m sure they will be very supportive of your new endeavor.

But seriously, I don’t think all these reasons will to stop you from learning this awesome instrument.

Hence we wish you all the best!


If you are feeling undeterred, click here for more information on our erhu lessons.

If you are thinking of buying an erhu, click here for our erhu store.

If you are somewhere without an erhu instructor within a hundred miles, click here for our online erhu learning portal.

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