18 August 2014
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18 August 2014,
The Chinese Guzheng is one of the most popular Chinese musical instruments. Probably only the erhu’s popularity is on par with it. If you are considering to take up this fantastic instrument, here’s 5 reasons why you should:

1) It sounds beautiful

Especially when you play glissandos on it. It is the only instrument (besides the harp) that can create this cascading waterfall effect.

2) It is the most popular instrument in China

Second to only the piano, it is the most popular instrument in China. Because of its huge fan base, you can find lots of resources on the internet.

3) It is very easy to pick up

Because of the way the strings are tuned, you can sound good right away! You can play some tunes after 1 or 2 lessons right away.

4) It is a low maintenance instrument

Just dust it once in a while! The strings are very affordable and you do not need to change them too frequently.

5) It is a very versatile and dramatic instrument

You can create a whole range of emotions with it.


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(Stay tuned for 5 reasons why not to learn the guzheng)

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