25 September 2019

EMTV 32: Moon River featuring Nicole Li Ge

25 September 2019,

This episode of EMTV is a really special one. If you have been learning Erhu online, you might stumble upon instructional/play-along videos from this […]

23 August 2019

How to Replace the Guzheng String

23 August 2019,

We’reeee back! This time we’ll be talking bout the replacement of the Guzheng string! A few episodes ago, we gave a quick tutorial on […]

15 August 2019

Chinese Ensemble National Day Covers

15 August 2019,

Singapore’s National Day falls on the 9 August. Every year, we will try to do a cover of Singapore songs, involving Eason Music’s team […]

13 June 2019

How to Tune Zhongruan, Liuqin, and Pipa

13 June 2019,

We are back with another “How-To” video! Have you ever heard of this really high pitched pluck instrument called the Liuqin, or the banjo-looking […]

6 May 2019

How to Tune Your Guzheng

6 May 2019,

Got a new Guzheng at home that needs tuning but don’t know how to? Afraid that you might break the strings while you tune […]